Gregory Samuel Myers

Best friend, Brother, Heart bigger than he was!

Me and my brother Greg weren't always "close" growing up.
We spent more time teasing each other or beating the hell out of each other, and making life hell for our parents & our neighborhood babysitters.
Greg moved in with me and my 2 young daughters when he was 15 and we were thick as thieves from that point on, until the morning I found him on my bathroom floor. Gone. From a heroin overdose after 7 months clean.
I never thought my heart could literally hurt, & losing my best friend has forever changed my entire life and it has & never ever will be right without him.
Me & my brother were a team for decades. We lived together as adults. We raised our children together. We raised each other at times. We always had each other's backs. Regardless of our life choices .
Greg BATTLED Heroin addiction for 13 years. He served 3 years in prison, paid his dues to society, and found God.
His heart was bigger than he was, & why, almost 2 years later, can I not get over that?
My life's been on auto pilot. Smile. Nod. Laugh. But deep inside my gut, I lost a piece of my past and my future losing him.
I will never ever forget how much I love him, and am thankful for the bestest friend, crazy funny, brother sister bond we had.
The one thing we all think we have is time..
You never know.