Jason Reilly

Jason Thomas Reilly

Light heated, helpful and loving

My oldest sisters son.. from 9th grade until the day he was taken from us by overdose, he struggled... In and out of rehab... I myself have been clean for almost 15 years.. and I tried so hard to lead him on the right path.. He left behind 2 sons, they are 13 and 14 now.. The 13 year old witnessed his dad high and unconscious while he had the kid in the car with him.. Parked under a train tressel in Brooklyn.. The kid sat there for hours trying to wake my nephew up... Needless to say he had a very hard time seeing his boys after that.. The last year of his life was the worst.. He had Easter dinner with us and he disappeared into the dark streets of Manhattan for almost a year to the day.. My mom, his Nanny reached out to him a few months before he passes. She asked him.. what are you doing with your life? He replied Nanny I love my life.. I don't want to stop getting high... His funeral was a few months later... My Jay.. RIP..