Jason Wright

Jason Daniel Wright

would give a stranger the shirt off his back

I refuse to let your death be in vain and I will not allow the monsters who sell this poison to people who have a sickness be able to hide in the dark and continue to kill off more of my family, friends and neighbors while I stand by quietly and say nothing for fear of being shamed or judged... Because in doing so we allow it too continue and help them to exist and to be able to hide in the shadows... When we share our stories we bring this subject into the light ...and without our voices there will be no change ......It's a sickness, not a shame ....
My bother would give a stranger he never met the shirt from off his back ....and no matter what his faults or mine were ....it never changed the love we had for each other, and if the subject had been discussed along time ago u wouldn't be reading this post.