Jeremy Cooper

Jeremy Ryan Cooper

Fun loving, caring, friendly, compassionate

My beloved son Jeremy died of a heroin overdose that was laced with fentanyl on March 25, 2016 at the young age of 23. His struggle with addiction started in his teens with marijuana. Until he was 20 yrs old, marijuana was usually the only drug he used. After that, he started trying different drugs and got addicted to opioids, which led to heroin. He had been in recovery for three months, going to meetings and counseling, attending church and working. It was so shocking because Jeremy seemed to be turning his life around.
Jeremy grew up in a loving family with three brothers. He played baseball for eight years. He enjoyed a variety of music, loved the group Kiss, and played the drums. He had so many friends and was loved by all who knew him. I miss my son so much and my heart is forever broken. I love you Jeremy! ❤️