Jordan Lambert

Jordan Prescott Lambert

Charismatic, kind, loving, generous, sweet

Jordan is the third of three brothers. Even in the womb, Jordan was bursting with energy. When I was pregnant and taught VBS at church, the other teachers fought to sit next to me in worship to feel him kicking and dancing in my belly. Keeping Jordan safe was a huge concern. He seemed to have no fears and lived life to the fullest. He never met a stranger and loved everyone he met. He was kind and compassionate as a child, always concerned about others’ feelings. I did not know that Jordan started experimenting with marijuana at a young age. After that, it seemed he was fearless when it came to using. We tried everything we could think of to intervene and help him. Nothing we tried worked. Despite his battle with addiction, God blesses us with many good times and many memories with Jordan. Jordan knew God and he knew Jesus as his Savior. He knew what God wanted him to do, he just did not think he had the power to do so. Jordan’s Dad and I want to honor Jordan’s life by doing what we can to help those struggling like he did. In whatever capacity God calls us to accomplish that. When we see someone with an addiction, we see our precious son. Jordan was precious, his life had meaning and he will be missed every moment that we continue to live.