Joseph  Hogan

Joseph Hogan


My cousin was a talented, smart, shy, loving, funny young man. He battled demons caused by another, which in turn caused him to self medicate to numb his emotional pain. He tried to stay clean, did well in a long term program, but I guess his pain was too much, and he relapsed.

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Tara Lo Piccolo
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You are missed dear Joe. You had a beautiful voice and a beautiful soul. Such talent. I wish i could have saved you from this, saved you from the pain another caused you emotionally that made you self medicate to numb the emotional pain you endured most of your short years here.

If only I knew you relapsed, I know I could have saved you😔 you are loved and missed by so many sweet Joe❤️

Laura didn’t know she would be taking the last photo of you, and spending your last few hours here with you. This picture is the last one taken of Joe, just a few hours before he was found by his Mom in his room.

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