Joseph  Pierce

Joseph Michael Pierce

Son, Brother, Father, and cousin, he loved his family very much, all of them

This is my son Joey. He had the biggest heart, he loved all of his family. He loved music, movies and video games. He was the most loyal person I know. He struggled with addiction for years, he was 29 when he passed. He also had a sister, Samantha, who also passed exactly 2years and 6 months to the day after him. They loved each so much. They relied on each other to be there for each other, and that was cut short. My life changed forever that day, and again when Samantha passed away. Please, if your kids are struggling, please get them help. See, I'm a recovering addict myself, and I couldn't help them. I love my kids very much, I hope no other mother has to experience this pain. May God be with you all.

Joey was a funny, intelligent young man whose life was cut short by his demons. He was 29 years old. Joey loved his family and would do anything for them. Joey was an addict who knew no way out. I tried to help him but I am also a recovering addict, so I could not help him. Joey also had a sister, Samantha, she too lost her battle with her demons. She was 27 years old, she died exactly 2 years and 6 months to the day after her brother. They were 5 years apart in age, but were extremely close, they relied on each other, then life happened. Please get your loved one help, you never know when that day will come.