Joseph  Tirado

Joseph Tirado


Beast by day, a father and husband by night, He was a warrior, but soft and gentle to the loves of his life. Devasted and numb. You will be in my heart forever & always.

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Lisa Tirado
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Where do I begin? Joe has been a part of my life for 28 years. High School sweethearts, married and have three amazing daughters. We lived a simple life together but had tons of fun. He was a talented welder and worked very hard for our family. I miss EVERYTHING about him and our time together. I’m lonely, sad, mad, scared and still numb. I want this to be a nightmare that I wake up from and he’s laying next to me.... Joe always said, “I know what I gotta do!” When it came to his struggles with addiction. But clearly he didn’t. I will always wonder what was going on in that crazy head of his!??!?! I hope he knows how much I loved him, respected him and most of all how much I will miss him !!! Please keep me & my girls in your prayers. Thank you, Momma

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