Joshua Arroyo


Joshua loved to help those in need. When he passed, his family was overwhelmed with letters from those he had helped. Whether it was buying someone a winter coat, or giving someone the shoes off his feet, he helped others even when he could not help himself. With his passing, his family will continue to spread his kindness and generosity towards others. That is why we walk today.

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Wanda Arroyo
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Joshua's struggle with addiction was a battle that we all fought as a family. There were a lot of highs and lows. Joshua's battle lasted two years. Those two years taught us strength. They taught us to be thankful for every moment that we got to spend with Josh. We were thankful for the sober days when we had our son and brother back. We made the most of the time we had with him and never took one moment for granted. We laughed, we ate, and we drank every cup of coffee that we could find. We said "I love you" often. We explored the city together. We were grateful for the big steps, but never took the small steps for granted.

When Joshua left this world, there was nothing left unsaid, nothing left to do, and nowhere left to go. We knew that his life was fragile, we made the most of every day, and as a result, we are left with beautiful memories to last a lifetime. We just really miss his laugh.

We continue to live life by this motto "Live as if today is your last."

Edwin, Cecily, Jakob, and Wanda will continue to spread kindness in your name.

The Arroyo Family

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