Justin Fox Sr.

Justin Ronald Fox Sr.

Husband, Father, Brother, Loving, Caring

When I met Justin he was 17 years old, and within minutes I knew we were meant to be together. He was so protective, loving, caring, and supportive. No matter what my dreams ever were, he supported me. Within time we had our own beautiful little family of two girls and one boy. Justin was an amazing, caring, hilarious father, who no matter what it took, ensured his children were safe, happy, loved, and cared for. No matter what the situation, Justin took care of anyone he could, regardless of how it could or would negatively affect him. We miss Justin every minute of every day; no matter how bad it got, or how rough our road was we were always there for each other. He was my rock, his children's rock, and many others. He stood behind to catch them when they fell. Justin will always be remembered every day for the amazing, loving, caring, supportive, and comical man he was.