Karissa  Putman

Karissa Patrice Putman

Joyful, compassionate, creative, exuberant, radiant

My sister was smart, beautiful, funny, artistic, authentic, and never on time for anything. She loved food, family, and celebrations.  She had so much goodness in her, and if you talked with her long enough, she'd convince you of the goodness in yourself, too. 

Being judged on account of addiction hurt her deeply. It really is one of the few diseases that people feel they have the right to chastise a person for having.  

Karissa had made so much progress and was excited about her future. She had plans, ideas, and wasn't going to let anything stop her. 

All of that changed when she went to sleep on that August night and never woke up. 

Our lives are forever altered by the void that her absence has left. 29 years was just not enough time. We love you forever, sweet Karissa. 🍀❤