Kelli Mcneal

Kelli J Mcneal

Mother, twin, girlfriend, heart of gold, beautiful

My name is Jessica, I'm also a recovering addict. The first time I saw Kelli I felt so drawn to her. We first crossed paths at a NA meeting, and my soul felt like I've loved her for a lifetime. We happen to be in outpatient together, which to me was not a coincidence. She had long beautiful black hair, so unique from anyone I've ever met. She also has a twin sister and her home was in Alaska. She had two kids in Alaska and one here in Long Beach. She was adored by many. She had this sparkle in her that could light up the world. I am so grateful that of all people she loved me as much as I loved her. We were so in love. Her son was my lil best friend and I loved him just as he loved me. Kelli struggled with feelings, especially if they were negative, and that caused many relapses. She had a thick wall put up to avoid getting hurt, and she was set on saying nothing lasts forever. Heroin was her drug of choice, so that was her go to. I remain humble knowing I was able to crack that wall enough for her to know that she deserved to feel unconditional love. Unfortunately we relapsed on meth and that's when things got sour. She was on Vivitrol so her urge for heroin was not an issue. But things got worse so quick, she was losing herself in a psychosis from the meth. She left to Arizona without her shot for the cravings. We were both not okay. I've never felt so much pain and desperation as when she left and she felt the same. On February 17, I got a call Kelli died of fentanyl overdose. My heart was shattered, my reality shaken. I never saw her again. Kelli had a big heart, she was a loyal friend, she was protective to her loved ones. She was so full of life, funny, sweet, loved sports, and she was also the most beautiful woman in the world. She impacted so many, especially myself. We had plans to get married. She filled my heart with love. I know that if drugs we not in the picture that we would still be together, happy and in love. Please don't think that this can't happen to you, addiction takes anyone when it wants. I love you Kelli, forever in my heart.