Kenneth Moran

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Debbie Moran
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Kenneth was a smart, caring, and loving person. His addiction started when he got a sports injury and was given opioids for the pain. Kenneth lost his father to colon cancer when he was in his second year at Penn State. Kenneth was a good student, graduated with honors but then came home and got lost. He was very depressed but didn't think a therapist would help him. We as a family struggled along with his addiction for over two years. Rehab after rehab and then a recovery house. The disease was too strong for him to fight. He was kicked out of the recovery house for using and I could not let him go to the streets. He came back home and after just a few days the fentanyl in the heroin killed him. I found him around 6am on a Tuesday morning. My worst fear came true. I am heartbroken along with his other two siblings. The thoughts of him never getting married, having a family, or growing old is sometimes too hard for me to bear. Kenneth you are loved and missed by everyone that knew you.

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