Kimberly  Keefer

Kimberly Ann Keefer

Fiancé, mother, compassionate, heart of gold

This is my girlfriend. We just celebrated 20 years together on October 12. She was the love of my life. She had a heart of gold for old senior dogs, we share 10 together. The last dog she got is in the picture. 5 months previous she had lost our 13 year old and she was devastated. He was her baby. She seen this little dog at a nearby shelter and she sent me his picture and told me how he reminded her of her baby that passed. We went over the next day and adopted him. She was so happy. The day she was to take him for a vet check she passed away. I walked in and found her. I didn’t know she was using. She never had, I don’t know when it began. I'm so angry at this addiction that’s taking all of our loved ones away.