Lauren Hice

Lauren Hice


"Lauren Kara Hice" 09/24/1986 - 02/27/2013 Lost to a Heroin overdose?

Photo submitted by
Susan Hice
Tell us about your loved one.

Lauren was a beautiful person inside and outside? Very talented & very intelligent....Her laugh was infectious? Kind...Lauren was very kind?

Tell us about Lauren's struggle with addiction

Struggled for a few years in and out of rehabs. Legal issues because of her addiction. She fought hard against her addiction but in the end heroin won the battle? We chose to put in her obituary that she had died from her addiction. The stigma must end!!! Lauren was living in a recovery home when she passed away. They now have a scholarship in her honor and memory!! She touched so many lives & tried to help others in recovery....She just couldn't help herself?

What made Lauren smile?

Being with her family!!

What do you miss most about Lauren?

Hearing her voice & hugging her? She was so loving & she loved to give hugs?

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