Lauren Hoffman


My daughter Lauren Leigh Hoffman

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Denese Hoffman-davis
Tell us about your loved one.

She had a big heart and bigger than life laugh. She was very outgoing and loved family. She was my only child and my best friend.

Tell us about Lauren 's struggle with addiction

She struggled with food and sugar addiction from childhood. When starting college she got a prescription for adderal. When she stopped college she started taking speed and got addicted but went to rehab. Had several years clean. Then she moved in with her boyfriend and started getting migraines and depression so the cycle of multiple medications started, and when she hurt her back at work the addiction to pain meds started. She went to rehab for that and seemed better but anxiety started and the xanax addiction began. She had been in 12 step recovery but was ashamed to admit that xanax was controlling her life. The shame and guilt was overwhelming and the depression worsened so more pills were prescribed. She overdosed on 60 Lamotrigine 150 mg, 30 Seroquel 400 mg, and 40 Alprazolam (xanax) 2 mg.

What made Lauren smile?

Dogs especially puppies. Her friends and family.

What do you miss most about Lauren ?

Her bigger than life laugh and her wonderful sense of humor. She would call me on her way to work most everyday.

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