Lora Serviss

Lora Ann Serviss

Beautiful daughter, mom, and sister

Lora struggled with addiction for many years on and off. She didn't want this terrible hold on her. She tried several times to get help but without insurance and the terrible hold on her from the drugs, she could not get the proper therapy or fight the power heroine. She had a smile that lit up a room and a wonderful sense of humor. Addictions hold on her took the sparkle from her eyes and her inner beauty. Watching her struggle in pain and seeing her become someone I did not know was heart wrenching. The pain of her loss is a constant grieving that has changed me, filling me with emptiness and sorrow. Coping and coming to terms with this pain is a struggle ever day and night. The loss of a beautiful daughter to these demon drugs feels so senseless. I battle with why but there are no answers. I pray she has the peace now she did not have in her time on earth.