Luke DeRespinis

Luke DeRespinis


Luke Silvio DeRespinis, my oldest son passed away at the age 23. He fought addiction for at least 8 yrs. He left me July 30 2014. My life ended that day as well. Heroin killed my boy....

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Debbie Foley
Tell us about your loved one.

He was kind and loved everyone. He loved his family more then anything. He is so missed everyday. A huge void in our hearts forever.

Tell us about Luke's struggle with addiction

It started with pills then he began heroin. He was in countless rehabs, detoxes, hospitals, and sober living homes. He was clean for 8 months when he relapsed. His sister and I found him gone at a friends house.

What made Luke smile?

Being with his nephew nyko

What do you miss most about Luke?

Everything....EVERYTHING his beautiful smile lit up my world.

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