Martiana Gonzales

Martiana Kay Gonzales

kind loving compassionate strong wonderful mother

Martiana was such a sweet soul. She loved and trusted everyone. She always thought of the needs of others before her own--even in her darkest days of addiction. She left behind an 8 year old son Xayvier whom we are raising. He, like Martiana, is selfless. I see so much of her in him. Sad to say he knows more about addiction than most people my age because I would rather educate him on this and let him know that we are here for him than for him to be educated about drugs on the street.  I am very grateful that before she passed away she was in jail for six months and was sober. I got to spend time with my baby and see her smile that smile that could light up the world and hear her genuine laugh. I got to see her be a mother and see the strong sister bond that she and her sister had before heroin. If I had to do it all over again, I would just to be her mama again! Forever 25. Martiana Kay, I love and miss you. 

Love, mom