Martine Jehan

Martine Jehan


Hi my name is Betsy Jehan and I’m the mother of two children Martine and Gary. My daughter Martine lost her struggle with the substance use disorder in 2013. I was one of those parents that was ashamed that my daughter struggled with addiction and was I stifled by that and was unable to get the help that we needed. To think that my daughter died partly because of the shame is something I will never forgive myself... Not anymore!

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My Loving daughter Martine passed away in 2013 from substance use disorder at the age of 26. Her friends called her Teeny because she was a little thing, but she was bigger than life! She was a kind and generous,loving and adventurous young lady that would give the shirt off her back. Anyone that knew her loved her. She love music and she loved to help people. She went as far as Rwanda to volunteer to help people struggling with AIDs.

Martine always wanted to help people, and she loved life so I believe even in her death she’s helping making a difference. We will no longer hide the disease she had, we will talk about it we will share the devastating struggles. We will put a face to the beautiful people that struggle from this disease. We need more help, we need more answers, and different treatments ! I believe the way we get that is by talking about it and not hiding it. So in Martine’s name we speak about the addiction.

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