Mason Martinez

Mason David Martinez

Intelligent talented courageous determined friendly

Mason was a smart, loving, and talented person. He loved his family, home, and friends so very much. Mason had been struggling with addiction for the last eight years of his short life. At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This disease is very difficult for a young person to manage, especially when heroin addiction is also present. Mason was caught in a cycle of treatment, sober living, relapse, and hospitals. After he relapsed, his diabetes would get out of control. He got so sick, each episode worse than before. His final hospital stay the doctors told him that he could never use drugs again. His heart, kidneys, and delicate thyroid functions were so damaged from high blood sugars. Tragically, just eight days later, Mason died of an overdose. We don't know for certain yet if his heart failed from the heroin, or it was overdose. Either way, drugs were the cause of his tragic loss. We had his service on August 30. Over 300 people came to honor him, and support our family. It was beautiful. Mason would have been so happy to see everyone he loved together in one place. He is so very loved and missed.