Matthew Daszuta

Matthew Daszuta


Matthew Paul Daszuta I was born 11-24-1973. He passed away on 10-2-2014 at just 40 years old. Matthew went into the Air Force as a law enforcement police officer after graduating high school in 1992. I met Matthew in Germany while we were stationed at Ramstein. We were married November 9th 1994. We had our first son Jamie Matthew Daszutar June 1995.

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Jo Ann Daszuta
Tell us about your loved one.

His date of birth was November 24th 1973. Matt was a wonderful father to our two boys and a dedicated police officer.

Tell us about Matthew's struggle with addiction

His struggle with addiction was so intense I don't really know if he understood it and I know the deeper he got into it he didn't feel good about himself. When he was retired from the Melbourne Police Department as a police officer I don't think he felt like he had a purpose. Even though he was a father, sometimes that's just not enough for a lot of us. We had a career our whole life and all of a sudden it's taken from you.

What made Matthew smile?

His boys, being a police officer, helping the ones in need and removing the criminals off the street.

What do you miss most about Matthew?

His laugh, his jokes, being a dad to our boys

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