Michael  Cavanaugh

Michael Cavanaugh


Michael was the face who lit up the room! Charismatic, loving, hysterical, and kind. Michael is greatly missed by all!

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Meghan Cressotti
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Michael was the life of the party! Always had a joke to crack, a helping hand to lend, and a protective soul like no other! If he wasn’t on the farm working with animals, which Mike had done his whole life, you could find him at the local country bar rocking the dance floor! My brother was my first dance partner. Michael sparked my love for line dancing. I will forever remember him as my best dance partner! This was a time of love, laughter, and happiness. There was no darkness we all know too well, addiction. Once Michael became addicted, he lived two lives. One full of darkness and one full of light. Michael protected his family and friends from that dark side for as long as he could. Even if it meant pushing others away. As my father said at his funeral, it wasn’t because he didn’t love you... it’s because he loved you so much! So much that he wanted to protect everyone from the dark side. During his time as a sober, free soul, you could find him educating the local addiction support group. Bringing loved ones together! Explaining to so many a side that so many will never see. Mike brought understanding and education! He always said “If there was a pill to make people feel what t feels like to go through withdrawal there would be no stigma!” I am here to continue to allow Michael to live on! To end the stigma! May he look down on all of these people fighting the same fight and be proud. Michael will forever be missed by family and friends!!!!

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