Michael Cole

Loved family, loved Brittany most!

Mike was the first born son of one of my closest childhood friends. He had a heart of gold. Like his brothers n sisters are today, he was always willing to help anyone, family, friends, or soon to be a friend. They’ve always called me Auntie...Mikey n the love of his life, Brittany, were expecting their daughter n you couldn’t meet two happier kids. Mike's mom, my good friend, was going through breast cancer treatments at the time she lost her first born to the disease of addiction. My son n Mike were friends as babes n even worked together until the drugs got the hard hold on Mike...Clif would even go to AA type meetings to help himself learn how to help his friend. Brittany called Clif n he went n stayed with her until they picked up Mike's body...Clif spoke of true love of a friend n the incredible n unnecessary loss of that same friend at Mike's funeral...Clif missed having Mike at his wedding n he n his wife are very good friends with Brittany n their (her n Mike's) daughter, who was born 2 months after he left us,...she is beautiful n Brit keeps her daddy alive for the daughter he never knew in this life. Our beautiful angel Michael should be here with all of us but instead the disease of addiction took him away from all us...miss his huge smile n long loving heart hugs!