Michael Mirzabegi

Michael R. Mirzabegi

amazing, loving, deeply thoughtful, funny, perceptive, invincible and loved by all

Michael helped us experience life in ways we never knew existed. He taught us what its like to push the limits. He taught us life is to be lived and felt with every fiber of your body. He taught us you can bounce back from almost anything because, "The truth is, you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed."

But most of all, he's taught us that a parent's love is deep. That this love knows no boundries...that we will love him more than the day before times infinity!

In a letter he wrote two years ago he said: "Mom ❤️ Shine on! First off, I want to apologize for the times I've made you cry...I am just glad I have another chance and it's because of you....It kills me to know I've brought so much pain & heartache along with the stress and worry. I'm done making empty promises, Mom. I love you more than life itself. For that, I am by your side for eternity. At your beck & call 'cause you more than deserve it. I remember feeling so lost and stayn' up all night, even til this day, wondering what my purpose is on this earth. And it is like I'm selfish with myself 'cause nobody knows my internal struggle, not even I know, and sometimes I've even prayed trying to figure it out. With unanswered prayers come self-doubt. Without you, I wouldn't be as strong as I am to find myself. So for that I thank you... I love you through thick & thin. I'm thankful for just having you in my life and couldn't imagine living without you. If I ever said anything that's worth remembering, it's in this letter. I've never meant "I love you" more than I do now... Your first son, Michael"

Michael loved deeply... He is now free from the pain and struggles. He is with his Creator. He is home...we will love him forever as he is forever in our hearts. He brought us joy and continues to do so through the many people that knew and loved him. I will forever cherish our last day on the beach. LOVE YOU MICHAEL!