Misty Miller

Misty Lynn Miller

Mother. Daughter. Caring. Beautiful. Missed.

Misty had a smile that could light up and room and a personality and heart that made you feel so loved and important. She was a mother to three children that she adored and the light of her life. Misty loved country music and to sing in the shower. She loved In-a-tub tacos and the Cowboys. She loved anything pink camo and the tv show, Grey's Anatomy (cried over the characters like they were her best friends). She loved cinnamon popcorn and Dirty Dancing. She loved her family and just being comfy in a hoody and PJ pants. She loved to be silly and make people laugh. All of these little things made her Misty and we miss every single one.

After she passed, so many people from her life on the Army bases and rehabs around the country started to post on her Facebook page about how much Misty had helped them through so many tough times in their lives and how much she was going to be missed. This truly sums up who Misty was as a person, she was so caring and wanted to give herself to make others happy.

We lost Misty a little over a year ago to her addiction that she battled for over 10 years. Since her passing, we have done everything we can to keep her story and memory going. We talk about her often and always with a smile and a laugh. Mist, please keep sending us those signs that you are okay and watching over us. We love you!

"Through us, her story continues".