Nathan Andrade

Nathan A Andrade

Loving Father, Beautiful Son, Big Heart, Caring Soul, Great Hugger

Nathan enjoyed his quality time with his children. He played baseball, basketball, floor hockey most of his young life and his favorite leisure time was fishing. Nathan always helped anyone who needed it and was a big hugger who loved blowing kisses (muah) to his lived ones. Family called him Nate while his dear friends called him Nizzo.

Nathan started his addiction after graduating high school when he started marijuana. But what really started him on his addiction was when he started working on fishing boats, where he would be out for two weeks at a time on lobster boats working. He got introduced to oxycontin pills to stay awake and work.

Nathan tried for many years to get sober for himself and his children. He would be sober for a year straight a few times but in the end the disease won.

My beautiful son died at the young age of 35 and he has also lost family and friends to drug addiction.