Nikolas  Goyke

Nikolas Goyke


Nikolas Noah Goyke. Forever 22. Since the day he came into the world he made it a better place. Oldest brother to two wonderful younger brothers. He was smart, popular, good looking, athletic young man. Started with a surgery around 15, then playing hockey in college started adderall, and this opioid stole him. Went to a rehab, a sober house, and was doing great. March 8, 2018 his life ended from a substance laced with fentanyl.

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Karen Ford-Stein
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My son was a wonderful kid. Had a happy childhood, was loved by everyone who knew him. Was a great soccer, hockey, and lacrosse player. Even played college hockey for a short time. That’s when his addiction went too far. Started with a surgery at 15, he said that pain pill was like a lightbulb went off. Best feeling he had ever felt. Never knew he had this issue until a year before he passed. I know he tried to beat this and believe he was starting a few weeks before his death. He was a blessing to everyone who knew him. Was loving, kind, funny, and thoughtful guy. I would say one of the best humans I have ever met. I am honored to be his mom.

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