Rachel Roth

Rachel Samantha Roth

Rachie Bear My Daughter

Rachel had a soul full of humor, love and talent. She had a voice of the most passionate singer and taught herself to play piano. She wrote her own songs. She sang and played all the time. She drew pictures that amazed me and kept journals that I still have. These journals encompass her life, her fears and her addiction. She was also a very sensitive person. Rachel had sensitivities to loud sounds, bright lights, smells, and food. As young as 7 years old her teacher told me she felt Rachel should be taking a medication to help her focus in school. I delayed that outcome as long as I could. As she became older Rachel developed extreme anxieties about school. She went to psychologists who put her on anxiety pills. I feel Rachel was groomed to believe the answer was in a pill. She began to take other pills like "oxy" and "Molly". Then she was using heroin which she overdosed on and died. I talk with her often and feel her close. She lives everyday within my heart... I love you Rachi Bear