Richard Lewis Larrabee

Richard was a loving, caring, and best friend.

First of all Richard was a loving caring person, husband, and a friend. He got attracted to the different drugs out here at a young age. It had been recently before he passed that he had got addicted to heroin. It first started when the doctor's stopped prescribing his pain medication. He had all types of pain issues from scoliosis in his back, to sciatica, and then his knees. He had knee surgeries. Which lead him to go to the streets for Vicodin and such, then that got too expensive, so he turned to the heroin. There is not a day that doesn't go by that I don't think of him. I still can't believe it is coming up on 2 years since his overdose. I miss him so much that I want honor him in this walk. To try help others see what can happen if they don't change or get help. If Richard would've lasted another week he would've had a bed at Stella Maris.