Samantha Utz

Samantha Paige Utz

Beautiful smile and caring soul.

Sammi was a precious child, but at age 3 she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Her life changed and as she got older. She suffered with seizures which caused brain damage. In High school she got involved with the wrong crowd and drugs became a problem. Her mother had her in rehabs but as soon as she would get out she would be right back to using within weeks. She was such a caring young lady, but it was for others not herself. Sammi's bio Dad was in and out of prison her whole life, so that was something also missing for her. I'll never forget the morning my daughter went to check on her and found her not breathing. The EMT's worked on her for 30 minutes and brought her body back. But 2 days later they pronounced her brain dead. She was an organ donor and 4 people's lives were helped because of her. But she was a beautiful person that even with her addiction was loved.