Sarah Weant

Sarah Marie Weant

Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Niece
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Sarah was more than an addict she was a loving, caring, athletic, and full of energy. She loved the outdoors and never met a stranger, she always tried to help others with their addiction. She had been in rehab twice and was in prison for 11 months. She tried really hard to beat her own addiction but the demon won. She would always say, Mom it will be OK, stop worrying so much. She was my best friend and to know that someone brought the deadly drug to her work hurts so much. And to find out the probation officer knew two weeks prior and didn't say anything is so unforgivable, my little girl may still be here had she done her job. Sarah loved her family very much, she would fight anyone over one of her cousins who were just like sisters and brothers to her. And if anyone said anything about her brother, it was on for sure, they were so close and to watch him hurt so bad is really unbearable sometimes.