Seneca Gibbs

Seneca Ryan Gibbs

Kind, Gentle, Caring, Lovable and Sweet

Seneca was the youngest of four children. He had an older brother and two older sisters and they were all very close.
He loved animals, all kinds. I remember he hid a stray dog in my husbands old work car for about a week before he brought her in the house, and of course we kept the dog and named her Carolanne after the girl in the Poltergeist movie. Seneca loved to fish. He and Lucky, his best friend, would fish wherever there was water. Seneca loved family and family loved him back. Seneca was also an artist and somewhat a perfectionist. He'd crumple up what I thought was a perfectly good drawing but to him something was wrong with it.
Seneca was very hard on himself for not being able to get sober and stay sober.
I miss Seneca dearly. He was a big 6'5" good looking guy who gave the best 'bear hugs' ever. He was a comedian and he had a ton of useless trivia knowledge about almost anything. He loved music and he had an old soul. He loved Sam Cooke.
I miss his voice... "Hey Ma" I miss him saying "love you ma". He was a big handsome guy with a big handsome spirit who is and will be missed by everyone that knew him.