Stephen  Gonthier

Stephen Gonthier


We lost our beloved son Stephen John to a drug overdose on February 4th 2016. Our lives are not the same since he left us. We miss him every moment of every day, but he continues to live in our hearts, and all those who never forget him.

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Corina Gonthier
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Our son Stephen John struggled with an addiction to opioids. We were not aware of his addiction until the last two years of his life. Stephen John tried hard to break away from his addiction and was doing great until he went back to California where he had a relapse. This happened in November 2015. Our son was working at a very good company and doing well until this trip happened. On February 4th, he was found deceased in a hotel room in our hometown. He was not found until the next day. Our hearts are shattered over his loss. We know that we will see him again one day. Our God is our strength and our salvation, and we have found strength and comfort in Him and all our family and friends who have supported us every step of the way. We love our son and will never stop loving him as long as we live.

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