Steven Michael Holbrook

Funny crazy wild loving and loveable

Steve was everybody's "go to" guy. He helped anyone he could with anything he could. I miss him so much. His smile, his laugh, everything about him. Things were not always wonderful, but to me he was everything. I know our daughter and especially our son, misses him too. Our son looked up to him and talked to him about everything.
I know life will never be the same again. But I also know we will be together again, someday. And I know he will be there, waiting on me to join him.
I love you, Steve. And I miss you so much....
RIP baby. Til we meet again up yonder!! We'll stroll hand in hand again....My heart will forever ache for you. I'll never be the same...and life will never be the same for so many....
We loved you then, we love you now, and we'll love you forever!