Steven  Manevich

Steven Tyler Manevich

Loving- talented - funny -son- brother !

Born into this world with a ton of love! Everyone enjoyed being around Steven,he was the light in so many lives. Loving ,caring good hearted man. If you needed a laugh he was the one to call! He was an inspiring young chef that landed the job of his dreams. After working in the restaurant industry's since the age of 15 he finally found a place that recognized the talent that he had. New job a steady 9 months clean and happy as would be! The night before Easter Sunday,April fool's day 7:45 pm I talked to my son. Steven I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Steven invited the family for Easter brunch at the inn that he worked at. Can't wait to See you mama! We had our conversation about how good the food will be ,what time we will meet a and if he can sit with us for brunch . We ended the conversation with I love you Steven ,I love you to mama! As we getting ready to leave for our brunch ,my phone rang ..... The next time I saw my son was on weds. @ 3pm. R.I.P. My handsome baby!