Susan Bavuso

Susan Leona Bavuso

Smart. Funny. Creative. Artistic.

Susan was always indulgent from the age of 15, but suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1991 while working for Gulf Power. Even though the physical injury healed, she continued to struggle with migraines and chronic neck and shoulder pain. She began to over-indulge in her pain management medications. Her relationships with family and friends suffered due to her addiction and denial of her addiction.

She was a mother of two daughters and had to entrust their care to the girls' other family. The daughters grew up strong, smart and resilient. They also left Susan out of their lives because she would show up to events intoxicated or challenge boundaries.

One daughter is a physician assistant and reached out to her pain management providers and VA providers. No one seemed to think they could do anything different for Susan despite compassionate pleas to limit her medications.

Susan died unexpectedly on a Tuesday night after losing one of her life-long friends to cancer. She passed away with very little to her name and estranged from her family. Addiction stole everything from Susan, but no one would treat her addiction.

Please donate in my Mother’s name so that others can get treatment before its too late.