Tashara  Burnside

Tashara Brielle Burnside

Uniquely beautiful, witty, humorous, unconditional loving and musically talented

Tashara came into the world 10/1/1991 dazzling her family with the greenest eyes that would melt our hearts forever. She had the most contagious disposition & unconditional, loving heart of anyone that I know. Our story isn’t one of a struggle with addiction. It is one that bares the similarity of a lot of the losses we have continued to see across our country. Playing Russian roulette with your life. Thinking that you’ll make it to the next day. When reality is that one more high leads to your demise. It only took one time for my beautiful, ever so loving daughter. In honor of our beautiful Tashara I will continue to fight our opioid crisis. Not only to keep her memory alive, but all of our special someone's that have been taken. Change Will Come. End the stigma & silence surrounding drug addiction & overdose. WE LOVE & MISS YOU SO MUCH T!💚