Teddy Gray

Teddy Gray

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Sabele Steuert
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Teddy was a modern-day Pied Piper with an endless stream of friends that loved his energy, warmth, and spirit of adventure. If you met him once, you knew him forever. You were part of his fan club. He was the charismatic leader of the Band of Brothers. He was the Good Samaritan that crossed the road for every one of his friends and family. Teddy was at his happiest when he made a positive impact on an individual, whether a classmate at boarding school, a child in Malawi, or a college friend trying to beat drugs.

Just before his tragic death, Teddy was moving forward with a plan to overcome his alcohol and drug addiction, graduate from college in the spring and join the US Marines, his life-long passion. Teddy would want us to honor his life by continuing the fight to overcome alcohol and drug addiction, as he strived to do during his brief and unforgettable life.

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