Thomas Anthony Maldovan

Giving, funny, beautiful, partner, friend

Tom was my boyfriend and best friend until the depths of his increasingly chaotic drug use pushed me away from him, but he remained my whole world until he died on April 27, 2019 at the age of 31, and his life and death have permanently shadowed my own. He was a complicated person even while not using, but those stories aren't for here. Here I celebrate the things that made him beautiful.

His storytelling was unrivaled-with wild gesturing and theatrical voice, he narrated the stories of his improbable life and endeared many to him with his colorful tales and wonderful sense of humor. But Tom wasn't just an entertainer, he was a caretaker. Generous to a fault, he helped so many people in his short life, especially his fellow drug users. If you were sick and he could help, he would, without hesitation or requiring payback. He was intelligent, interesting, and effortlessly cool, a larger than life personality whose memory will be carried by his many, many friends.

But most of all, he was my partner. I loved him and I still do, and so does his other partner. He was my first and only love, and nobody will ever come close to filling the hole he left in my heart.

We used to say we've known each other for many lives over many centuries, and I hope that's true. I hope we will meet again, and that next time, it will be better. I love you so much, babydoll. I am so sorry.