Tina Tellez

Tina Marie Tellez

My kind loving Beautiful baby girl

My baby girl Tina was always so sweet and loving. So smart too. She did well in school and had a Great future ahead. But some bad influences and some abuse got in her way. The pain of things that happened to her were too much for her to handle so she turned to drugs to numb the pain. I met a man named Rick that would soon become her Dad in 1995. She loved him so much and he loved her just as much. He was and always will be her Daddy. He got her jobs and helped her every way possible. I also have a son Leo. Tina's younger brother. He was there to help her as much as he could too. She met men that just added to her addiction which she called love. She was abused by those men. She married and had my Beautiful Granddaughter Becca that I have raised because of Tina's addiction. She is now 14. Tina had her on my Birthday. So very Special. She was so proud of that. Giving me the best Birthday present that I could ever get. I was always so proud of her. She tried to be a good mom but the drugs got in the way. We spent as much time as we could together. She loved us so much and was always there to help whenever she could be. We got her inpatient and a lot of outpatient help but the drugs just had too big a hold on my baby girl. We spent a Beautiful last night together. Halloween night October 31st 2019. We were at Great America park. Halloween Haunt. It's a tradition that we go there on Halloween. So we went on some rides and in some haunts together. She said she was cold and not feeling well so she left us around 8:30 pm. She said love you and left us. She realized she forgot her phone with Becca so she came back for it. She said bye and I love you again and that was the last time we heard her Precious voice and saw her alive. So many what ifs are still going through my mind everyday. I know that's part of my grief. The Coroner knocked on my door the next day which was November 1st 2019 and told me they found my daughter deceased in her car from a drug overdose. That was the day my world fell apart and my heart broke in a million pieces! We love her and miss her so much. Not a tearless day since! Tina Marie Tellez 7/17/80-11/1/19 Forever 39 😢💔