Zach Ferraro

Zach Ferraro

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Joseph Ferraro
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I am creating this on behalf of a family who lost a son and a brother. Zach was not only the youngest of the Ferraro family, but an imperative piece of a puzzle that kept them all going. The Ferraro dynamic is really unlike any other family. The bond between them is so unusual to an outsider like me, that I appreciate the relationships, but don't always quite understand them. Zach was a good friend to me and many others, even in his addiction. As usual, there is tension and defeat in some relationships. Neither party is to blame when they stop interacting like they used to, but when one life comes to an end, the regret piles up. If only this and if only I had done that... Zach's famous words to me were always "Don't worry about me, worry about yourself." He meant that. Zach had a kind heart, a good soul, and was truly a person who felt for others.

Sorry I couldn't say a final goodbye and I hope others learn from your experience.

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