Zachary  DuPrey

Zachary DuPrey


Zachary DuPrey 8/15/98-10/04/2017

Loving, kind, compassionate, selfless, infectious smile. Zachary fought so hard and was in recovery. He would do anything to help anyone and make any sacrifice to be sure anyone he loved was happy. He was looking forward to a wonderful future and his life as an adult, becoming a husband and father someday.

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Toni DuPrey
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Zachary had battled with addiction since the age of 17. He overdosed in June of 2017 and was brought back to us by the use of Narcan. He was in outside treatment from that point on. Zack was the most loving giving caring young man. He was a best friend to all. He would take in the “underdog” and love them unconditionally. Once he was your friend you had him for life. He was the best friend to his sister. They had the most loving relationship, truly best friends. Zack was my man of the house and the most loving compassionate son a mom could have been blessed with. He had the softest soul... I believe too soft..he didn’t want to die and leave us! Zack died from Fentanyl which we are seeing families losing their loved ones to every day! Life will never be the same and as his mom, I will never be the same we just have to somehow keep going on for our love for Zack.

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