Aaron Brawley

Aaron Linton Brawley

Aaron was tall, handsome, beautiful inside and out. He had such a wonderful sense of humor, an infectious smile that was a bit crooked and somewhat mischievous. He was my first born, and I never knew I could feel such love. Aaron loved books from the time he could first hold one, until his death. His room was always littered with books and magazines. His voice was deep with a bit of hoarseness that made him even more attractive and interesting. Aaron loved the outdoors, loved his friends and family...particularly his cousins. I can still picture him walking into the room with that silly grin on his face, flopping his feet up on the sofa and me scolding him about how bad his feet smelled!! Gosh, I wish I could smell his feet again! I wish I could smell HIM....hold him in my arms....rub his head like I use to do. I would "scob his nob" and it drove him nuts. But it was one of those mother things. I miss my beautiful boy, miss my son, miss my friend Aaron.