Adam McNickle

Son, Brother, Loyal Friend
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What Adam was like

Adam had a love for everything outdoors and everything creative. He would spend his days learning and reading and experimenting.
Adam also had the biggest heart. He would give someone the shirt off his back.

Fondest memories of Adam

One of my favorite memories of Adam is when he shared some of his watercolor paintings on Facebook and a girl commented on one of them mentioning that it reminded her of her grandma who had passed recently. Adam had me take him to get a special envelope and mailed this picture out to the girl. He was so generous.

How Adam will be missed

I miss Adam’s company the most, along with his humor. Adam and I used to go on walks all the time. We walked around our city and hiked trails nearby. We both had a love for photography and would share and compare the pictures we took. I simply miss Adam being by my side.

How Adam will be remembered

Adam would want to be remembered as an artist and a scholar. He studied everything! He loved playing chess and played on an app on his phone. He would play the game through on repeat and study his and his opponents moves. Adam was brilliant.