Aidan Keefe Filer

Friend to all, son, brother
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What Aidan was like

Aidan could have achieved anything if he was passionate about it. He had a photographic memory/learned things fast. He was creative, athletic, smart and was a fashionista. He was an excellent dog groomer and was always surrounded by friends.

Fondest memories of Aidan

I love watching him play basketball, lacrosse, football throughout middle/high school. I love his long wavy hair and his silliness. I love how he always had schemes to earn money (such as breeding breaded dragons/fish). I love his made-up nonsense songs. I love how he would put on fashion shows and ask us to take thousands of photos of him. I love how he would drop everything to help out friends even if it’s in the middle of the night.

How Aidan will be missed

I miss: his big hugs, his smell, his sense of humor, his schemes, his energy, his sense of fashion, his love to have fun, his spontaneity, his love of animals of all kinds, his love of his friends, his funny stories of dogs as a dog groomer, his singing, I miss his entire existence! DAMN I MISS HIM!

How Aidan will be remembered

Aidan would like to be remembered as a generous, kind, fun, funny, fashionable and talented person who cared about everyone. Aidan knows he’s missed and loved by all.