Andrew Joseph Gilbert

Beloved son, Proud big brother, loving cousin with a heart as big as his smile
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What Andrew was like

Behind those gorgeous long eye lashes and long lanky arms that were always stretched wide to give love & kindness to everyone he met, was a 25 yo who taught everyone around him how to have more kindness, compassion for all.

Fondest memories of Andrew

Andrew, my cousin, we share so many great memories especially the last few years of his life we got to share recovery together. I got to see him recover and help others. He supported me, always and even showed up for every year chip I got.

How Andrew will be missed

No matter what personal struggles Andrew was going through he always had a big beautiful smile on his face, always willing to help and always my shoulder to cry on.

How Andrew will be remembered

Andrew’s tag line was …
“Pray and meditate, every f***ing day”.