Austin James Willfred

Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend
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What Austin was like

Austin passed from a drug induced Homicide on June 20, 2023. He was a very bright spontaneous individual. He never failed to lighten up any room he walked into. Made friends everywhere he went. And was the most caring and loving soul taken way too soon.

Fondest memories of Austin

There’s not just One memory that’s my favorite. They’re ALL my favorite. But if I had to choose one. It would be the time he held his nephew Cashton(mine and his brothers son) for the first time around Christmas. Cashton was a premie baby, tiny little bundle of joy who Austin was very timid to hold that early on. Watching Austin hold his nephew, interacting and feeding him once he got to be almost a year old will forever be something we all miss.

How Austin will be missed

Austin will be missed by His quirky smile and his loud obnoxious but contagious Laugh.

How Austin will be remembered

Austin would like to be remembered by how caring and loving he was, especially too his Mom Tracy.. He was always adventurous in all natures of life. And He was definitely the life of the party and never failed to leave an impression on those he came across.