Brandon J Morris

Son, Brother, grandson, nephew, uncle
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What Brandon was Like

My Brandon, blonde hair, blue eyes and a heart of gold. A Mamas boy, protective brother. He loved the outdoors hunting and fishing, clay shooting , snowboarding. He loved to cook, always helping others, loved to have family get togethers.

Fondest Memories of Brandon

The best memory of Brandon is since he was in elementary, middle school and high school. When he was in Christmas plays and in sports . The first he had to do is look for me and where I was sitting at , even during football in HS, he would always find and I made sure he could see me , he knew exactly where his step dad was at football games up and down the side lines cheering Brandon and his team. Brandon was a organ donor , he gave the gift of life , still giving to others . He’s a Hero to me

How Brandon will be Missed

Brandon always called me everyday or a few times a day and txt. But he would take me out to lunch or dinner just me and him and shopping . He always took me to UFC fights to watch at BW3 or other places we both liked the UFC fights . Sometimes I would make a lot of his favorite food to have his friends over to watch the UFC fights at home. We also always watched our favorite team Dallas Cowboys. He didn’t like when I yelled at the tv when the Cowboys were loosing . “Mom calm down”

How Brandon will be remembered

Brandon worked since he was 15 and did he always has good grades . He always kept his sister safe and has scared a few guys away because he didn’t like them. I never had to ask him to do the lawn and landscaping he had to have it perfect . He always was helping friends or our neighbors and family. He always took care of me if I was sick or had surgery. He didn’t like to see me cry it would always make him cry too. His hugs were the best. He was a organ donor and saved a life, always giving .❤️