Brett Tjaden

Son. Brother. Goofball. Loved beyond measure.
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What Brett was like

The biggest heart who knew how to take care of and watch out for everyone but himself. Could make everyone laugh without trying and was never afraid to make a fool of himself if brought someone else a smile.

Fondest memories of Brett

Getting our matching “be still” tattoos as a reminder to each other that even on the hardest days, we weren’t alone because we had each other. Everyone in our family has the tattoo now.

How Brett will be missed

He was half my heart, I felt at home the second I was around him. I miss that feeling.

How Brett will be remembered

He would want to be remembered as someone who loved deeply and lived as full as he could. We started a nonprofit in his memory called “The Be Still Project” (named after our tattoos) that helps people struggling with mental health and substance use. He always felt like he didn’t have a purpose on earth, but I truly believe he was meant to come here, even if just for a short time, and teach these lessons so that other people wouldn’t have to suffer the way he did. He had a purpose all along.